Awaken your potential.

The first step to creating a brighter, more purposeful future? Understanding your current leadership behavior and how it shapes the world around you. At Solomon Strategic Advisors, we’ll equip you with tools, wisdom and principles to untap hidden potential and bring focus to your vision.

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Our Methodology

Activate your potential.

We work closely with individuals, teams and organizations to identify opportunities, define strategies and activate influence to maximize outcomes.


We approach each client with a curious and collaborative mindset. No matter your situation, we work closely with you to understand current and future challenges and opportunities. By putting performance into perspective, we can set a clear path forward.


With our deep well of knowledge and experience, we’ll define sound strategies that help you communicate better, collaborate more and create environments that let culture and creativity flourish. Our high-tech tools and highly personalized methods allow for a broad reach and a deep, lasting impact.


From leadership coaching to issue-specific consulting we will engage y0ur team. Growing leadership, developing positive cultures, clarifying strategies, and solving for the numerous opportunities and challenges of the day, our tools and experience will help you dream bigger, make better decisions, and build healthy environments.

Our Services

Individual Solutions

icon individual solutions

All leadership begins with effective self-leadership. By doing work at the individual level, we help leaders own their influence. Through 1-on-1 coaching, leadership assessments and a variety of other flexible leadership development programs, Solomon can help you deepen emotional intelligence, generate excitement and strengthen culture.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Cohort Programs
  • Leader Intensives
  • Leader 360 Assessments
Team Performance

icon team performance

Your team is filled with smart, capable individuals. Bringing them together is key to become more collaborative, unified, and productive. With the collective wisdom and talents of a robust, well-connected team, strengths are expanded, gaps are filled, and capabilities are complemented.

From group coaching, team training, assessments and other development programs, you can create a space where everyone is heard, valued and appreciated.

  • Group Coaching
  • Maximizing Team Performance Training
  • Executive Toolkit Sessions
  • Team Intensives & Off-site Facilitation
  • Team 360 Assessments
Organizational Culture

icon organizational culture

Defining your organizational culture and creating an environment where people want to shine takes effort and energy. But culture is contagious, and the return is exponential.

Whether your team works remotely or in-person, socialization is vital to building a thriving company culture. Learn about organizational design and our scalable training and development offerings to boost interactions and establish culture.

  • Organizational Clarity Framework
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Cultural Assessments
Strategic Advisory Services

icon strategic advisory services

We’ve been where you are. And we know that hidden challenges often have unexpected solutions. Our team’s diverse executive leadership experiences span multiple industries, and we’ve turned our collective knowledge into valuable, shareable wisdom.

Grounded in research and coupled with extensive executive experience, Solomon’s strategic advisory services sharpen your focus on the future. Our customized consulting services will bring out the best in you – and your organization.

  • Sales Strategy
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Planning And Design
  • Senior Team Alignment
Speaking Engagements

icon speaking engagements

Keynote speaking is a large-scale opportunity to engage your audience and inject new life into their curiosity and ingenuity.

We specialize in a range of topics related to leadership, emotional intelligence, diversity and productivity—with expertise across a broad set of industries.


Our offerings are adaptable providing for:

In Person

Face to face creates connection more quickly.


Technology provides for connection even when not in person.


We have all learned to adapt with some in person while others join remotely.

We work with you to determine the most effective approach.

Our Mantra

Wisdom for Your Way.

We are passionate about sharing our collective expertise and knowledge, along with the simplicity of our worldclass tools, to help you awaken and activate the potential that lies within. Bringing wisdom from the experience of our team, we help you harness greatness.

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